Day 108

Holly Mae.

I left the Lizard early after a nice chat to Cousin Joth who is sitting quietly with a cup of tea before the children got going. Once home  I try to get some stuff done up at the barn but am pretty uncoordinated and give up.  Yesterday was a joy but pretty tiring for me.  Mmm, I’m getting tired of putting that down.  It’s just the way it is, and there will be lacklustre days and sore days but I’m not sure it’s worth reporting from here on – the pattern’s established and I know what’s coming.

I head over to the West coast and pick up Ali and Milli from the cafe and we get down to Cot and back to the secluded sandy beach at low tide for lunch and paddling and some sunbathing.  Gorgeous.


Then later there’s a text from Noelle with the news that Holly Mae was sailing into Pz harbour on the evening tide from the Scillies, completing Joff’s Caribbean trip, so later I hooked up with Noelle, family and friends to welcome them back.  Lovely to see them all and the boat Holly Mae looking in very good shape and ready for more adventures.  Joff, sporting a huge pirates beard, asked if I’d pursued Gregory’s Girl!  Ha, well, I will write that letter, I will, I will…but you know, I’ve had a lot on.  Though it’s more than that of course.  I don’t want to commit to anything until this is over and I’m in the clear.  Though writing that letter won’t do any harm…