Day 109


A slow day.  I’m sorting stuff out in the front studio, clearing away tools and materials from the building works three months ago.  Not much to report, but that’s OK.

What I do manage to do is start planning the succulents garden under studio skylights – it’s one of those pleasurable jobs that never gets done, but now’s the time I think.  When I fitted the skylights I left the top of the wall exposed, the main granites showing through.  I liked it as a reminder of how things are made, but also thought about the succulents garden.  This was before I had a real outside garden to play with of course, and that might account for the delay.  But there’s also a surprise ‘pill box’ slot window to be opened up under the skylight line, which if I made it right will give a postcard-sized framed view of St Michael’s Mount, seen through the succulents in the foreground!  Watch this space…