Day 110


Finish clearing front studio of building materials and junk, in time for Roman and Annabel to visit with their two children.

Of course I totally overdo it on trying to get everything shifted and completely zap my back trying to lift a barrel of used veg oil into the bus destined for the barn.  There’s a horrible click/pop in my spine and I’m floored by the pain, gasping on the floor of the bus, weeping and raging at my stupidity.  After five minutes I gingerly get up, but have to go back to the studio and lie down for a bit.  What a fool!  I should know better than that; it’s a lift I’ve done before but I don’t have the strength now so what was I thinking?

I lie there and suddenly I’m laughing – the pain my back completely blots out the chemo aches.  Ha! It’s like I’ve taken control at last!  Pain management through substitution, and it’s easier to cope with because its self inflicted somehow, and a known quantity of sorts.

Well, this slows me right down.  I’ve pulled something pretty convincingly and have to move around carefully and slowly, making the drop off at the barn and the council  recycling tip in slo-mo.

Back home late lunch and then I’m in a hot bath with essential oils and a book, a long soak then bed, getting up to meet the train with R & A and the children.  It’s 12 years since their last visit so a lot to show them – I’ve met the children but only in London.  Great to see them here!

Early evening I leave them to settle in and head off in the bus to Joe Hemming’s Gypsy Jazz gig at the Dog & Rabbit.  Catch up with Sarah, Richard, baby Flora, Alex and more.  A good night; the music sounds good, and delicious tapas and good company.  I leave before the end though and take the bus down to Cot Valley to sleep.  And in the morning wake up with a bath in the stream – I feel refreshed and vital after the cold plunge, and can feel the back pain subside…