Days 111 – 112

Rest Up.

Annabel and Roman are great – their generosity with time and food and cooking and washing up is unstinting, and allows me to rest up.  I need it – my back is properly out of sorts and at times I can barely move.  What an idiot!  Anyway, slowing down and stopping is the order of the weekend, and the two days pass easily and very pleasurably.  I do a lot of lying down, in bed and home, and in the bus out and about.  R & A and the children take themselves off walking to Marazion on Saturday and I pick them up in the bus later, after tea on the beach and more lying down.  Then more lying down in bed at home as a seafood and mackerel supper is prepared, and then good sleep.

IMG_0251 - Version 2 [click to enlarge images]

A lazy breakfast morning on Sunday, and a trip for us all to Carn Gloos where I doze and read and write in the bus as the family walk down to Cape Cornwall, then off to the Dog & Rabbit for lunch, followed by a hot afternoon down at Cot Valley sunning and swimming and more lying down for me.  That cold water is good for my back – I can feel the increased circulation doing beneficial things down there.

IMG_4392 - Version 2

By the evening we’re all done in, but another delicious supper arrives as I ease myself out of the massage chair (which incidentally has proven most popular with the two boys – they seem to enjoy being pushed around by it and want to repay me by getting me addicted to a computer game called Mine Craft).

My back feels much better – I think I can face the chemo tomorrow.