Day 114


A pottering sort of day.  I’m not focused on anything.  I make a pretty salad with leaves and nasturtium flowers from the garden but eating it kills the promise and I get it down without really enjoying it.  Food is so important and so difficult.


I feel flat, and sleep in the afternoon for 2 hours flaked out.

A lovely parcel of books arrives in the post from Sara and Jason with a T-shirt that says ‘mnmlst’ which is fun.  Thank you so much – and I might take you up on that offer to come visit you in Phoenix Arizona next year, I could do with a dose of desert…

This is supposed to be an up day, but it’s not for some reason.  I think if I’m honest about it I just feel laid low by the chemicals.  I can’t concentrate on anything, to read or write or think things through.

In the late afternoon I propel myself into the garden for the last of the sunshine, and re-weave the jasmine through the trellis at the end.  It’s growing well but is reluctant to branch out wide so I encourage it along a bit.  And then I decide to see how those potatoes have come on – they flowered three weeks ago so could be ready, and yes!  I’m grubbing them up with my hands in the crumbly soil and get a bowl full of new spuds!

I cook some up and eat with butter and cold cooked flaked salmon and a green garden salad..that’s better.


Keep it simple, and don’t try to do too much.  Its just a day.