Day 115


In the morning I make a start on the succulents garden under the skylights, revealing the slot window again behind the lime render.  I think it will work but the angle is awkward now I get to it, not quite what I  remember – somethings are better left in the mind!  But the real problem is that over the intervening ten years the neighbours trees have grown up and are partly obscuring the view of St Michaels Mount which was the whole point.  I’ll have to think about that…

I’m done in and its so hot that I head over to the west side and pick up Alison and Milli from the cafe – its a prep-day for her they’re not open – and we head in the bus down to Cot Valley and swim and sun, and then head back up to the Gloos for the sunset and I cook supper for us in the bus.  Such a beautiful evening.  Just before sleep claims us both, Ali heads off home and I pack down the bus and drive back to Pz – I’ve got an early start in the morning too – MOT for the Vitesse and some prep of a different sort to do before that.