Day 116


It MOT day for my Triumph Vitesse – I’ve done nothing to it for a year really, so get up to the barn early and check it over – get the brake lights working properly again and clean the windscreen.  Over at the testing garage Jon is happy to see the car and he’s also seen the bus parked around and is complimentary – that’s nice.  But more that that he’s very helpful with the car, tweaking a couple of things to help it pass, and taking a view on a wobbly rear wheel given that I’m going to sort it out soon. And I am!  But is a real relief to pass the MOT and kind of those guys.  They rumbled all was not well because Lee asked if I’d like tea or coffee and I said oh just hot water and its like ‘Wha? What’s that about?  I’ll find a dog bowl for you mate!”  I explained what was going on, and they were properly concerned.  Oh people, you people.

I failed to get to grips with anything else in the afternoon.  I thought I’d go sailing and got myself ready and kitted up but when it came to it I was just too exhausted and had to give in.  Go and lie down and sleep for and hour or so.  Low ebb – you can’t fight it, or rather you can’t win.