Day 117


The truth is I’ve really damaged my back.  It’s not an ordinary pulled muscle but something deeper I fear.  This is depressing news, and the last thing I need really, and its got me down.  I’m awake before 5am and sore.   I call Ali who’s on the early shift at the cafe and she puts me straight.  I take two ibuprofen and cook up some rice flakes with blueberries blackberries and raspberries and yoghurt, eat it and pass out in bed, waking up two hours later, feeling a bit better.

Come on get a grip!  I read for a while and then get up its nearly 10am.  I make an appointment to see my GP next Monday.  And its low tide and I head down to the harbour to check that Marin-Marie is ok – i’ve not looked for a few days.  All is well and its sunny and warm, and I take some time to wander amongst the other moored boats and yachts sizing them up with renewed interest now I have a mooring to think about. There are a couple of interesting boats here in fact, and lots to learn.

I decide to get on with a simple task – I’m tired of carrying the oars and tiller down to the dinghy when I want to sail, so decide to make a kind of cloth sail tube to cover the rolled mainsail and the oars which I can then padlock all together to the boat.  It’s a fun job and I use some left over breathable roofing membrane/cloth to do it, getting out the sewing machine in the now clear front studio and I’m thoroughly enjoying myself – making something!  Simple – and I’m much happier.

After lunch its a gorgeous afternoon; nice warm breeze and the tides rising so I sail out into the bay, over t0 Newlyn, then run with the wind down to Penlee Lifeboat Station and Mousehole Island, then reach back towards Longrock and Penzance.  Fun sailing, shaking out the mainsail reef after a while and going nicely.  As I close in on Penzance Joff onboard Holly-Mae comes out of the wet dock heading for a mooring at Newlyn I think – we have exchange greetings across the water “Good to see you out H!”  Yes it is indeed, indeed it is!