Day 120


I can’t remember exactly what I did for large parts of the day.  Sometimes time just passes when I’m not feeling so well.

Monday afternoon I have an appointment with my GP – a mid-chemo catch up and a check up on my damaged back.  He arranges for me to get an x-ray to check if I’ve damaged bone or discs and for me to have some physiotherapy, and I get a top up of Ibruprofen to help with the aches.  All good, no fuss, thank you!

In the morning Marta had called to ask if I’d like to try a heat/massage therapy she had learned from a Japanese teacher in Barcelona.  It’s called Ito-Thermie and uses smouldering herb sticks held in silver metal tubes which she uses to warm and press and massage my body.  I go to see her late afternoon and have a rather amazing time as she works over my feet, legs, torso, neck arms hands head and face, even my ears.  I try to explain that it’s like someone is drawing all over my skin, scribbling with a fat soft pencil describing my whole shape.  It’s like the self portrait I made 20 years ago, listing the parts of my body in the order of washing myself with soap, head to toe. The aches in my limbs disappear for a while and I’m floating. The smell of the smoke and herb ash is powerful and pleasant.  Thank you Marta. A wonder-filled experience…

IMG_4519 - Version 2

And then I’m thoroughly spoilt because Ali comes over later with fresh mackerel fillets from the cafe and makes us supper.