Day 121


A slow morning pottering about.  Water the garden which is very dry and neglected. Sorry plants – I know I’m an inconsistent and haphazard host.

The eBay bits for my outboard motor arrive in the post and look good, so I head over to Simon’s workshop in the afternoon and strip it down with help and advice from him as needed.  It’s nice working there in the shade of the hedge, and I like these old Seagull engines – very simple two-strokes but I’ve not taken one apart before and it’s interesting to see how they work.


Oily fun. But I get to a point where I’m stuck and need some advice from a specialist parts supplier.  It’s too late to call so I pack up, and in any case am feeling very sore and it’s time to rest.  Si’s working on so I say bye and head off to find Alison at the cafe in St Just.

I’ve brought some salmon and veg and potatoes from the garden to cook up in the bus and we head out to Carn Gloos and get the last of the sun…that feels good!  And I can taste the elderflower bubbly too – delicious!