Day 125


Feeling a bit better this morning and get up at 6.30 to check Marin-Marie’s mooring lines.  Jane McL had called yesterday to say a neighbouring boat looked too close and tangled up so I sort that out.

I head up to the barn at midday to do so more sorting – a mess of my own making, post bus MOT.  On Thursday I’d had to park the bus on the seafront by the Jubilee Pool, a rather prominent position and it’s been there for a couple of days looking handsome.

I’m feeling ok but just shifting boxes and rubbish is taxing and I have to take it easy.  Joff comes up from the workshop and we have a long chat about boats and moorings, and later I pop down to the house to see some magnificent photos of Holly Mae in action racing in the Caribbean – wow it all looks amazing; big winds, classic boats, hot sun, swell and spray flying.  The best sailing Joff’s ever had he said.  Great to see all this and to top it all Noelle gives me another pot of her very special honey.  Thanks guys I feel uplifted!

The uplift continues because it’s Jane Pugh’s birthday and she’s having a day of fun out at Paul village hall; an afternoon walk, cream tea and dancing later.  I make it up there for tea and thoroughly enjoy two scones heavily laden with sinful plum jam and clotted cream oh yes…and catch up with Ruth and Graham, Stacey, Daks, Tup and others.  Everyone has seen the bus by the pool!  It’s good to see people but I get tired suddenly and it’s time to go.