Day 126


A beautiful day and that tides are good and a bit of northerly breeze so I’m out in Marin-Marie by 10.30am sailing over to Cudden Point.  Forget the aches.  Half way there the wind drops then comes from the south, a gentle jybe.  I pass close to The Greeb rock trawling the feather trace and catch half a dozen pollack all of which I throw back, but no mackerel.  Just before Cudden the wind disappears for 20 minutes and everything goes very still, just an occasional large swell rolling in from the southwest, three waves in a row then flat again, the water all glassy.  Eventually a ripple then a gust and the wind comes in from the west now, picking up nicely and we’re doing a steady 4 or 5 knots across to Newlyn and tack back to the South Pier in Penzance.  Lovely.  I’ve figured out how to lock the tiller and main sail halyard with a bungee cord so that the boat balances with sail and wind and I’m hands free to pour out some tea and eat and relax with just the occasional nudge on the tiller.

IMG_4569 - Version 2

It’s a hot afternoon and I take the bus over to St Just and down to Cot Valley for a swim where I clamber round the cliffs and find my warm granite boulders.   Alison and Milli come and find me later and we cook up mackerel fillets in the bus for supper, courgettes and broad bean leftovers from the cafe.  I’m flat out, it’s been a long day but such a warm and beautiful evening.  And my taste has recovered today and the food is delicious.  I’m not looking forward to chemo tomorrow.  We stay out in the bus listening to the stream and the evening bird song in the valley, the sound of surf down on the rocks and later the spooky calls of those shearwaters in the dark.