Day 128


A cloudy start to the day but I’m up and energised, the steroids doing their thing of course.  The forecast is for sun this afternoon and the tides look good though light winds and it’s Ali’s day off so we plan maybe a picnic in the boat anchoring out in the bay.  Anyway she takes Milli out for a walk and I decide to get on with making the framework trims for the skylight succulents garden which had ground to a halt for various reasons.

I suddenly feel a lot better with my chop-saw whirring and sawdust flying, noise and activity and get the timber cut and trimmed and the beading fitted and the batons fixed and screwed in place.  By lunchtime I’ve managed to line one of the bays with breathable membrane on top of the wall and put in some of the granite chippings Jane L picked up for me last week which will be for drainage under the soil mix.  I think it’s going to look ok!  And I’m very happy to get something done.

We get some food together for the picnic and head down to the boat, there’s a tiny breeze but decide to use the outboard so I get that going and putter round to the old quay steps and Milli hops aboard quite happy and lies down in the bottom of the boat as if she was born there.  Cool dog!  I think she just trusts us, and after sitting up to look around as we go out of the harbour she just accepts we’re at sea and there’s nothing for her to do so settles down and sleeps in the sun on her blanket.

We motor slowly over to Marazion and drop anchor as the sun comes out as promised.  It’s very peaceful and the happy chatter of the families on the beach drifts out across the water, and the little open ferry boats plough back and forth to St Michaels Mount with trippers each way.  As we anchor I spot a Compass jelly fish on the surface quite large and worth circling back round to get a proper look.  We’ve passed a lot of the giant barrel jellies on the way and the bay is full of them.

IMG_4611 - Version 2

A Compass jellyfish – they have a bit of a sting to them.

IMG_4623 - Version 2 [click on the images for more detail]

A Barrel jellyfish – about 40cm across the dome, a relative baby as they can be upto 100cm across apparently.
After lunch and a bit of a doze in the sun the breeze picks up and we hoist sail and head off round the Mount towards Cudden but half way there the wind drops again just as we reach the Greeb.  I decide not to push it and head back towards Penzance on the seaward side of the Mount.  The breeze picks up again and were doing a comfortable 5 knots without effort, it’s warm and fresh out here, just glorious.

Back home it’s too beautiful to be indoors so we head down to Battery beach and have a swim; the water has reached that temperature that you can just about stay in and relax into it.  Then fish and chips on the seafront to complete the holiday!  Excellent!  I managed to forget the chemo pretty much and feel a lot better.

Drink more Water.  I’ve decided that this session I’m going to be more diligent about drinking lots of water, having a 2 litre bottle of spring water on the go which I must get down me on top of any other tea or juices or whatever.  It means a lot to peeing of course but it’s good clean pee and I can feel the toxins washing out.  I’d been trying this with filtered water but last session because I got low about things all the self-care systems broke down making things worse of course.  I’m back on it this round I think.  Half way through, half way through…keep it going keep it going…