Day 129


Volker is keen for more sailing and so am I, so I head over to Falmouth again and we take ‘Day Dreamer’ out and up the Fal towards Penryn looking at the river bank moorings and speculating about how to get hold of one, or get hold of a swinging mooring in the deep channel.  There’s a lot to learn and the knowledge seems locked up, impenetrable.  Start asking around I guess – talk to people.  There’s no urgency because I don’t need it now but I’m wondering about the future and am aware of how long its taken in Penzance to get anywhere with boats and harbours.

We head down stream and I’m seeing lots of lovely boats, lovely shapes, but not that shape.  Not that particular shape.  Its good to dream, and I’m on the right boat after all.

There’s very little wind and a lot of boats out – its busy here!  There’s an event for racing specials going on; engine-less fast open boats all sharp bows and counter sterns and big sails looking beautiful.  We meander on the breeze over to St Mawes where we tie up to someone’s bouy and have lunch enjoying some sun and just being there.  I feel pretty spaced out I have to say, and its hard to focus, but Volker is very relaxed and its good to be out here with him.