Day 130


I’m feeling pretty washed out and struggling with eating today – it all tastes so bad.  Even water tastes bad, but I’m glugging it back to wash out the poisons.

Midday I head over to Simon’s workshop and get oily with the outboard again, armed with some new information about how to take the HT lead and coil apart without breaking anything, but I’m stumbling about and can’t think straight at all.  Si’s brilliant and puts his mind to what needs doing, and carefully the old seized-up parts come apart.  Putting it back together with the new bits should be easy but its not; things don’t line up, the bushes are offset and the crank is bent.  I feel defeated but Si’s not at all and he get to the bottom of it, and figures out how to straighten the crankshaft and ream the bushes.  Its better, but not quite right and we decide that I’ll take it away and talk to the marine engineers in Pz.

I’ve enjoyed the tinkering, but do feel useless.  Simon’s been very patient and I know I got in the way of other work he should have been doing…  Thanks Bro.

At the end of the afternoon Alison calls – driving past she’s seen my car parked at Si’s and says come over which I do, and have a light supper and an easy chat about the day.  Driving home later with the top down its night but so warm it makes me melt – what a summer.

Back at home there’s an email from Gregory’s Girl.