Day 131 – 132


Two rather slow days with very sore legs and feet and stiff hands, struggling with eating but drinking lots of water.

I’m not good for anything much, but do manage to get on with the skylight succulent garden.  It’s taking shape but I have my doubts.  It seems like a fun idea but the reality may be far from what it is in my mind.  And it’s super hot under that glass so although the desert plants may survive the alpine ones might struggle.  On top of that the plants I got the other week have been savaged by caterpillars and some are in a sorry state.  Anyway, I’m going to finish it and hope those that survive will thrive…

In between succulent sessions I’ve been thinking over the email from Gregory’s Girl.  I’m rather amazed to hear back – I’d just decided they wouldn’t reply and that was alright.  But now I know what she is – a Tradewind 39 and a very special long keel ocean-going boat, one of twelve built in the early 80’s here in the UK.  And the email was open and clear, and there are possibilities and options to explore over the next year or two – all very interesting and positive, and an invitation to continue the discussion.

I couldn’t have hoped for a better response, and its helping me focus on what’s next, what’s important and how life might move on post treatment.  It’s all part of the same process – a year of change.

A break-through with my chemo diet!  One of the problems with eating is that things taste so bad that I’ve been going off the good things I’ve been eating, so suddenly I can’t face delicious things like blueberries or raspberries.  Its most frustrating.  And the effort to prepare good looking and nutritious food can seem rather pointless.  So this evening I got lazy and just added a spoonful of Pataks Madras curry paste to baked beans and ate it with fried egg and mushrooms in butter and garlic.  Damned delicious!