Day 133


I’ve been sleeping in ‘The Box’ above the lobby to escape the incessant and increasingly demented scrawking of the seagulls on my neighbours roof.  I also bought some silicone earplugs which are very effective and consequently I’ve caught up on some sleep.

Tea and croissants with Keith just up Chapel Street, and a big catch up on what’s happening with Penzance neighbourhood planning matters, and he lends me his wide angle camera to take photos of the studio.  I’m thinking of setting up an Air BnB account and trying to do some short-term lets in the autumn once Delpha and family have moved out of the house at 45a – I can live in the studio or the house and swap about as needed.  There’s a mortgage to pay and I’m going to need to keep some income up while I work on the house a bit and get it ready to sell.

It’s cooler today.  Not much wind but overcast.  I get on with the succulents garden and by mid afternoon it’s kind of finished.  I think it looks ok.  Who knows if things will survive.  It certainly looks better than the unfinished wall top, and even if just one species survives it could still be an attractive thing.  I’ve searched each plant meticulously looking for stowaway caterpillars and hope I’ve got all of the blighters.  I just need to make glass frame for the little of slot window, and try to talk to my neighbour about pruning her trees that one block the vie of St Michaels Mount…

Late afternoon I head to St Just in the bus and have tea and cake at the Dog & Rabbit.  Then coax Alison out of there leaving the final clear up to the cafe crew and drive down to Cot Valley as the Skies change to bright and clear with big thunderheads roaming out to sea.  A beautiful evening unfolds and a superb sunset.  Supper of mackerel and fried potatoes.  I’ve not been playing my mandolin at all for months, just not felt like it, but do so now and enjoy it.

IMG_4670 - Version 2

And I put my boat dreams into perspective by re reading Frank and Margaret Dye’s lovely little book on dinghy cruising.  Before getting ill my plan for this summer had been to equip Marin-Marie for some long distance sailing and on-board camping – Richard B and I were planning to sail to the Scillies and/or around The Lizard to explore the estuaries beyond.  Well, next year perhaps.  I’d like that to happen, big boat or no…

Sleep as it gets dark.