Day 135


Up to the barn in the morning to put the bike back together and decide that now’s the time to give the Vitesse some TLC.  Another winter without attention could be terminal for some of the bodywork and chassis, and so I make a start removing the body panel valences.  Piles of dust and rust.  I already know I haven’t got the energy to deal with this properly.  My plan is to pressure wash the panels and chassis and give it all a generous coat of black waxoyl – basically keep it in check until some other time.

Ali calls and is having a difficult day for various reasons.  It’s the perfect excuse to down tools and I head over to Nanquidno on the motorbike and we walk down to the cove finding the low-tide rock pools to ourselves and the sun comes out hot so swimming in the channels where the incoming tide is warmed by the granite with the Atlantic chill in each little wave a thrill.  Sunbathing and Pilates stretching out on the rocks.  A thermos of tea and sea salt chocolate.

In the evening Leslie has a party for her friend Richie a cider maker and musician from Bristol. It’s a mini festival really and I take the bus up there for the night and am able to drop in and out of the party as my energy allows.  There’s a cider tasting – 8 different blends several quite delicious and two decidedly dangerous!


I’m asleep in the bus by 10.30 but the party goes on around the fire all night.  Great to have got there.  Thank you Leslie and Richie too!