Day 136

Sun up.

Waking up at 6 in the bus I’m in Leslie’s field.  She’s still up, the last one standing they’ve had quite a party.  Beautiful sunrise over the bay… Thank you bye bye bye bye.

I drive down to the barn not far away and cook breakfast mushrooms and tomatoes on toast.  Then I’m continuing the works on the Vitesse.  Remove the last panels and jack up the car.  Get the pressure washer going.  Having stripped off the mud and grime the chassis is in pretty good shape just surface rust. Some of the body panels are rusting through but I can live with that.

Home by 4pm, I’m exhausted.  I had wondered about sailing but the wind is so light I decide not, and in any case I’m whacked.  Instead I clear my desk and think more seriously about how to sell the house.  Am I going to do this?  Yes, I am going to do this.  I draft a For Sale sign on the computer, and register a propertypenzance dot uk domain name so I can create a website with details about the house and it’s restoration etc.  I’ll put the sign on the house in the next few days and make a holding page for the website and just test the waters.  I won’t do any viewings until September when Delpha has moved out, but I think it’s a good plan to have the sign up with Penzance thronging with holiday makers.  You never know…