Day 137


Wake early feeling ok.  This session is going better than last for some reason.  It may be just knowing I’m over halfway through.  Or maybe the extra water I’ve been drinking?

Up at the barn I finish the pressure washing and the car looks like a jalopy with half the panels missing.  I fix a board to where the front bumper should be and attach the number plate that, debating whether its road legal or not.  I think its ok.  It’s definitely the season for vehicle maintenance – I don’t think I’d be doing this if it wasn’t for the Lymphoma as there’d always be more pressing things to do, but right now this is work I can do; its usefully distracting and doesn’t require much brain power.

Then late morning I’m driving over to St Just to see a printer for the house sale sign and as I’m there call into the Dog & Rabbit for lunch.  Happiness.  Millie makes a great fuss of me and lies at my feet under the table outside in the sunshine.  Foccacia with roasted betroot and goats cheese, salad and a broad bean burger on the side – delicious.

After lunch I head over to see Si and spend a couple of hours reassembling the Seagull outboard motor which goes well, and I take it back to the barn where I can test it in a water barrel tomorrow.

Back home I still feel energised and tackle the garden; a big weeding session and clean up, then check the skylight succulents and put in a few more plants that I’ve picked up from roadside sellers – there are lots of people selling little plants for a £ a pot if you keep your eyes open…

Supper of salmon, potatoes from the garden and chard with grapes to follow.  What joy!  I can taste it all!