Day 138

Talk up.

I caught myself in the mirror this morning and think that I’ve finally got that chemo look – my hair hasn’t so much fallen out as just slowly gone fine and thinned – there’s a few strands left on my head, my beard went white and now is very patchty and brittle, my forearms and shins are thinning out nicely but my chest and pubes and eyebrows are hanging in there, though the latter are thinning too.  I’m grateful for the summer tan because my skin is pasty and blotchy and waxy underneath.  What else?  Apart form the aching limbs, feel and hands and bit of nausea there are some odd rashes and spots on my limbs but nothing like eczema breaking out again.  But these are minor complaints really – I’m over mid-term and doing well.

OK – I’m getting the FOR SALE sign made up for the house on Chapel Street, and so I make a start with the website where I’ll upload photos and restoration details etc, and a price too I guess, I’ll have to give that some thought.

Not much to report really – I takes me a while to remember how to install WordPress and get that up and running and then begin to write text and upload photos etc.  It goes ok but I must say that the chemohead makes this sort of work a bit painful as the brain cells are really not functioning for thought.  I don’t feel very inspired.  I’m OK for manual tasks but not so good for mental exertion.  I’m easily distracted by emails and trawling about online for various things rather than concentrating on what I set out to do…anyway its a start.

Keith drops by and gives me some tips about talking it up – as an architect property is his business and he is becoming an authority on the history and development of Chapel Street here in Penzance so he has some good advice.