Day 140

Sail again.

Another fine sailing day with a mid afternoon low tide so I paddle out of the harbour with inches to spare and the other yachts grounded by now, and raise sails out in the bay drifting slowly out to sea.  Then head for Mousehole and Lamorna for the afternoo.  Parallel with Mousehole island I can see the wind picking up beyond and the headland and stop to put a reef in the main which has been fighting a bit and all calms down.  Reefing is a pain with this old rig set-up – especially single handed, and I spend some time speculating on fitting a toppin lift to hold up the boom as on proper yachts – well why not?

There a small ocean swell running which lifts and falls, lifts and falls and I have to steer into sometimes to keep the wind in the sails.  This feels great.  Hot sun and sea spray and the granite cliffs and caves and coves passing by.  I cut into Lamorna and then on to Tata Du light house and get a long south coast view to Logans Rock, but decide to heave to and eat and rest a bit, and then shake out the reef as I’ve got a tail wind pretty much all the way to Pz round these cliffs and in 45 minutes I’m back on the sailing club buoys outside the harbour having some tea and waiting for the tide to rise enough to get back to my mooring.  I follow the Scillonian in onto its berth on the South Pier – such a fine sight.  It barely makes it as there’s not quite enough water and the promised dregding hasn’t been done yet so she kicks up a muddy stir with propellers and bow thrusters…