Day 151


I’m still tinkering with the rigging for Marin-Marie, figuring out how to get more tension into the furling jib.

Volker asks if I’d like to crew for him this evening in the Sailing Club Cruisers race.  There’s a good breeze and we do ok, making a good start and coming in 3rd.  Of course there are only 5 boats in our class but hey!

The Scillonian comes in as the yachts stream out from the Gear Pole towards Ryan’s Buoy near Marazion and it steams through the line at full speed, no hesitation and spot on, and quite dramatic to witness.  Maybe a bit too exciting to have been in the boat just ahead of the ship, wondering if the Captain had got it right…

Its a friendly scene up in the Sailing Club afterwards – a nice mix of ages and peoples, all about boats, all the competitors get a a mention and applauded, and a simple supper and the terrific view out across the Bay as the light fades from the sky.