Days 153 – 163

Still here.

Days 153 – 154.

I’ve slipped a bit.  I can’t relay in detail what I’ve been doing for the last 10 days and I’ve been either too manic or morose to write.

Days 153 and 154 were good days – sailing mostly in Marin-Marie mucking about in the Bay and a day sail over to Prussia Cove again this time with an unexpected swell coming in; uplifting and beautiful.


Chemo No 8.

Day 155.

Brought me down with a dull slow-mo thump.  I didn’t want to be there and struggled to rise above my gloom and dread of more chemical poisons.  The day dragged interminable despite two nice and talkative chemo-neighbours who were both being much braver than me, one my age from Penwith with lung cancer (a friend of friends it turned out) and an young woman who was accompanied by her mother and was having treatment trouble but was alive and fighting for it all.  Cancer – what a fucker.


Up and Down.

Days 156 – 163.

Sailed again the day after Chemo with steroid determination – out for hours and back to Prussia Cove another beautiful day.  With a bit of north in the wind was able to tack straight back to Newlyn and zigzag into Penzance shaving most of an hour off the return time.  A straight westerly pushes you down to Mousehole close hauled and then knocks you back again as the wind bends round and down Newlyn Coombe… All interesting stuff though.

But since then I’ve been pretty wiped out this time.  My feet are on fire and my knees buckling with aches.  Hands cramping.  Feeling sick.  Not sleeping.  Ugh.  It’s been hard to fight through it, but there have been some good times too.

Keep eating – it’s harvest time.  Simon came round laden with beans and raspberries and my tomato plants are heavy and ripening and the figs too!


Then Volker took me out on Day Dreamer for a few hours last Saturday and we completed the Sailing Club race round the bay – coming in a confident last.  Volker very kindly let me take the helm for the whole circuit because I was too exhausted to man the winches and haul on ropes – sweet man.

Otherwise, I’ve been in the bus for a few days, parked up in Alison’s field, now possible because she got a digger in to scrape a ramp up from the yard that you can get a vehicle up.  That’s been a joy – parked in the middle of fields really with views west to Lands End and the Scillies on the horizon.  So peaceful too with no one walking past which you get when parked up down in Cot Valley or wherever.

And Autumn seemed to come in this week with rain and cold nights.


The wood burner in the bus is a joy, and the hedgerows bursting with black berries and a fine crop of sloes coming on.  Then an afternoon of unexpected hot hot sun and beautiful sunset with a majestic swell coming in crashing the rocks of Nanquidno.

Eating porridge in the middle of the night finding it takes me down into sleep…


And today feeling ok again.

Susan S, sorry to have worried you with the long silence – I should write something even if its to say I’m not writing but all is well…