Day 170

Get it on.

First off water the succulent garden.  Then the morning is all internet and phone calls trying to unravel the mooring situation over at Falmouth following my walk along the shores of the River Fal last week.  I sign up to several waiting lists, explaining what I’m after.  No promises but you never know.  I also go to see Neil the Pz harbour master and discuss bringing a 39ft sailing boat in to the Wet Dock temporarily maybe next year or the year after.  He’s helpful, asks atfer my health and thinks he could sort something out which is good.

In the afternoon I head up to the barn and get on with the welding of the front valence for the Vitesse.  It goes well; all compound curves and fiddly but satisfying to be making something.  Sobering to be repairing the repairs I made to this same panel 25 years ago, but I’m getting used to this deja-vu process now and quite like it – why not repair it again, keep it going, give it some more attention.  It’s looked after me this old car and will continue to do so if I look after it.

Home early evening and an email from KW who wants to know if all is well with the continuing radio silence!  I’ve done it again, a week has passed and I’ve not been posting any days news.  So now I’ve caught up – today is finally today. All is well.