Days 171 – 178


A week has passed.  I’ve been keeping my head down, keep on keeping on.  The drugs have been keeping me awake but the burning sensation in my feet is abating.  It’s good to be off the Vinblastin but I can feel the damage done to the nerves – a definite numbness in my hands and walking is sometimes a challenge as I can’t feel the ground with conviction.  My feet have minds of their own.

David S. came to visit again for the weekend, and put up with me being alternately miserable, moody and maudlin, not really feeling very well.  But we ate a lot of good food and watched some films and had a breezy sail in Marin-Marie on Sunday afternoon in the sunshine, rounding the Mount which looked particularly Gothic from the seaward side for some reason.  Always good to get out there, despite pinching the end of my finger adjusting the goose-neck which stung and bled in the salt water and almost but not quite spoiled the outing, David helpfully pointing out that it was a good thing I’d lost the feeling in my finger tips…

Things are going slow, that’s just it.  Doing bits and pieces – a little to the car yesterday, and a coupe of days in the house now Delpha and family have vacated it, planning a schedule of repainting and a few little repairs.  There have been people in it for five years now and its stood up to the wear and tear pretty well.  It’s nice to be able to walk in and reaquaint myself with it all – with all that work done and time spent. Buildings, ay.

The garden’s produced a fine crop of tomatoes and courgettes, a handful of green chillies, the flat-leeafed parsely has finally gone mad, and I got to the last of the figs before the birds.  What joy.  And then I spotted the little mouse, balancing on a ripe tomato gorging himself.  I thought it was birds but no, the little critter is living in the wall by the tomato plants and has become addicted.

IMG_5086 - Version 2

If you click on the image to enlarge it you might make him out hiding in that hole…