Day 197

Chemo No. 12

Yup, its the last one.  Siobhan is there; bloods taken, body weighed. Dr. Kruger is there; how’re the nerves? Numbness and tingling? We do the walking tightrope test and the heel hobble test and he taps my knees and ankles – still no jerks. He thinks I’m moving better now but I’m not so sure – I feel less able today than when we decided to stop the Vinblastin a month ago.  Anyway, I’m pronounced fit for chemo and we agree my scan dates and follow up meeting in November.

The morning passes reading outside on a bench then am called in at 12.30 to get plugged in.  It all goes smoothly today and I’m done by 5pm.  As always its calm and efficient and friendly.

Ali’s there with Milli in the van and we head back to Penzance, stopping at Long Rock for the last of the sunshine.  I’m drained and am happy just sitting on the beach…