Day 202

Coming up.

A very fractured night awake for 3 hours in the middle of it and went for a walk to feel the wind getting up and the rain beginning.  At the darkest hour my ipad bleeps an email arriving and its from Lucy in Rhode Island sending mid-evening love and good thoughts.  This keeps happening – little messages from friends near and far; thank you all, it really helps.

Today is a beauty and probably the last of the extended summer I’d say.  Sunshine and a good offshore breeze gusting 20 – 25 knots.  I’ve got to get out there!  But first I bring the boom back to the studio and fit the pulleys for the second reefing line.  I’m out of breath just carrying the boom up Abbey Slip dammit.  Not sure I should be going out alone, but once the job is done I have a big bowl of soup and head out.

A fabulous four hours!  Wet and bumpy but exhilirating.  A dash to St Michaels Mount and spray flying on the return – it’s lively out here!  The windsurfers are out at Marazion pulling stunts.  Back outside the harbour wall I pick up a visitor bouy and drop the sails.  Thermos of tea and cake and chocolate, warm in the sun.  Then off for another hour tacking and jybing around the sailing club markers for the fun of it.

Smiling now.

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