Day 218


An email arrived from Sarah Staton with an installation shot of the ‘meta-exhibition’ in Vienna, composed of fragments from earlier group shows from the 1990’s.  She and Latvian curator Egija Inzule have printed out the gender soap image a few times and collaged them together.  It looks good, and the Boy Girl soaps create a link with another of the selelcted and distilled group shows that comprise the show called ‘Fille/Garcon’ by Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster.

At first glance the above image could almost be a corner of a ward in the hospital I’m in today, getting the first of this weeks CT scans done; the blue floor, the white walls, the green draped cloth on a sit-up bed, the sparse untidyness, the TV flickering with no one watching it, the trailing wires, the precarious stack of books or magazines, the cheerful smiley face motif, the garment hanging on the wall, the signs that sometimes don’t mean anything, the soaps the colour of drugs…

SupaStore:Sleep [Click to enlarge the image]