Day 226

Carry on.

What will I do today?  Well, just carry on with the task I’ve set myself of sorting out the accumulated stuff and detritus of life – clearing the decks.  I’ve spent the last few days tackling the ‘office’ with the ambition of achieving a paper-free life.  Throw that stuff out!  Get rid of the filing cabinets! It’s been an ongoing process – a new uncluttered beginning.  Beginning to what?  Well, a cautious return to making some art maybe, but sailing off into the big blue ocean with it’s all-consuming challenges has huge appeal.  And now the prospect of a less appealing journey – more treatment with an uncertain outcome.  Well, whatever happens there’s some preparation to be done.

I’m OK – today I feel pretty well.  The sun is breaking through.  Alison and Milli are coming back and we’ll go out for a walk and maybe some lunch…