Days 255 – 256


I’m feeling ok.  Just a little dryness in my throat.  I must write to thank Dr. Iles for being so gentle.

I’m getting on with things.  Richard B and I take Marin-Marie out for a last sail over to Marazion in the afternoon sun and then haul the boat out onto the road trailer, de-rig it and drive it up to the barn.  The next day I return and sort and pack away all the bits and bobs but will have to return to pressure wash the green algae from the underside of the hull.  Sad to stop sailing but it’s getting cold and the winter lows and storms are coming in and its time.  And anyway its been good – a lot of fun and no mishaps; a fine season of sail.

What else?  I’ve been negotiating an offer on the Chapel Street house – MH lives in Florence and works in London too, an art writer and sometimes curator he has come back twice to view and chat and I think we both would enjoy being neighbours – just the buyer’s surveyor report now but that should be ok.  A couple (a film editor?) also come back to view again, really liked it and went away to consider their offer, but in the end decided they wanted a bit more outside space though they seemed very torn.  Its been an interesting process.  It’s almost as if the house is selecting the right sort of people for me.

Then meeting with my solicitor and sorting out house sale paperwork for him – I can actually lay my hands on everything since my office re-organisation.  Architect Keith produced a final version of the floor plans to help with the Land Registry title documents and my ever helpful building control inspector called by to final check the completion certificates for the works done to Chapel St. and the studio.

There are a number of works to do to the house before completion – party wall issues to resolve with the new neighbours next door and replacing the frosted windows in the kitchen. I’m arranging to get some help with these tasks – it’s too much for me on my own at the moment.

And all the time just waiting for Monday and the results. It puts a strange shape on everything this not knowing… But I’m enjoying my daily Pilates and eating well and keeping positive.

Here’s breakfast: a little bit of organic muesli with extra seeds and nuts banana blueberries raspberries goats yoghurt and little bit of honey, juiced apple/plum/kiwi/ginger and a multi-vit tablet, a pro-biotic, a vitamin C and a Pomi-T capsule containing turmeric, pomegranate and other good things…