Day 260

No News.

The hospital just called and they’re sorry but there’s no news.  The needle biopsy gave too small a sample for the lab to analyse so we’re no nearer finding out what’s going on.

I’m frustrated.  I’m also concerned whether the surgeon actually used the specially ordered-in needle to enable taking a bigger sample.  It was on order, that’s what I as waiting for, but when I was on the slab the last thing I asked Dr Iles was something like ‘So you’re using a new type of needle for this?’, but he didn’t reply to the affirmative and that they had been using these needles for a couple of months.  There wasn’t time to pursue it as I was already going under the morphine at the time.

But now the lab has failed to get a result because the sample is too small and messed up, so I’m left wondering.

The suggestion from the McMillan nurse who called was that the outcome of the meeting she had just come from was that I should go back to Derriford for a repeat of the chest biopsy.  But I’ve already had a consultation with that surgeon who voiced his concerns about repeating the chest biopsy so soon after the last one due to scar tissue and the danger of rupturing vessels around my heart.  That’s why we tried the needle biopsy!

So, I suggested to the nurse that she find out if the needle biopsy was actually done with the specially ordered in the needle, and if not then we should repeat that procedure with the right one.

And also that it would be good to do another PET/CT scan before being subjected to a potentially dangerous operation.  By the time it gets booked in it will be two months since the last one that showed up the avid node in my chest.  If its cancer you’d think it would have spread given that it appeared to have developed whilst I was undergoing chemo and for the last 6 weeks its had an easy ride.  She agreed but will need to discuss with colleagues.  I’ll hear from her tomorrow I hope, and update accordingly.

No news is no news.