Days 265 – 270


Well, I finally get comfirmation that the PET/CT scan has been requested for me – that Dr Pottinger has OK’d it.  It needed several more calls over several more days to secure it, but I’m now booked in for Thursday 18th Dec and hope to get the results on the 22nd.

It’s a relief to know something’s happening – the pressure’s been building and now there’s an action plan.  How do I feel?  Well, OK.  But as reported before the dull pressure in my chest is ever present and the itchy dry rash on my shins comes and goes but doesn’t get worse – who knows.  Just wait for the scan results and then we’ll see.

In the meantime things are moving forward with the house sale – MH’s surveyor came today and I think enjoyed the house and found no major problems, so I’ll learn soon whether the offer stands and the sale can proceed.

I’m also doing some more of the party wall works as agreed with the new neighbours, so back with the tools up in the attic, all old timber, dust, lath and lime;  rebuilding the framework flying freehold store room and improving the fire protection between the properties.  But I’m rationing myself to 3 hours or so at a time, and taking it relatively easy.

What else?  I’ve been dreaming about boats some more of course.  Gregorys Girl’s folks sent me a postcard from the Canaries where they’ve been staying on the boat, and forwarded a few photos too.  She’s still looking lovely…but I’ve stumbled upon another deep long keeled yacht, the Saltram Saga and find my head if not my heart being pulled.  Another 40ft heavily built fibreglass hull with a large clear deck and small coach house.  This one’s called Turtle Dove and not for sale, but there are couple of others out there that are…

P1000279 [Click image to enlarge]

And then of course there’s Gregorys Girl’s younger and smaller sibling, the Tradewind 35.  There’s one of those in Falmouth too, called Samphire.


I realised recently that I love the design of these yachts because it’s how I imagined boats as a child – they’re kind of simple: a hull, a deck, a mast, a cabin, a cockpit.  And they’re purposeful, slow and steady and I like that too.

Dream on.