Days 285 – 289


The last few days pass by in a bit of a blur after Christmas.  Mum and Dad came to visit day after Boxing Day with presents for me – things to eat and things to wear and things to read and things to watch and things to wrap up in…wrapped up in love.

A lot feels good – I feel well and am getting somewhere with the Pilates and enjoying it again feeling stretched and stronger.  I’m determined to get fit and keep fit this time round.  I’ve been thinking about joining the Pz sport centre for swimming and maybe the gym but actually the public nature isn’t safe for me with my immune system getting knocked down again so I bought a skipping rope and am trying to learn some rope jumping for some aerobics and increase my lung capacity which is much diminished but is a vital test for what’s coming.  I’ve been looking up stuff on the effects of exercise during chemo and of course there are exercise freaks out there who come down with cancer like anyone else but they don’t stop running up hills or stop cycling or swimming or whatever and the endorphines do them good and it helps flush out toxins etc etc.  Survival rates are definitely better if you keep it up…

I couldn’t motivate that much the first round, maybe because I was just so wrecked when the treatment began – in fact I had been running daily along the Promenade for several months before diagnosis, convinced I was just getting old and out of shape, but I couldn’t sustain it as the symptoms got worse.  But I feel better in myself now despite the reappearance of the Lymphoma, and this time I’ll persevere.  The rope jumping is intense but good, and here’s some inspiring footage…’float like and butterfly, sting like a bee!’

It’s pure dance of course.  Susanna H sent me some other links for skipping just to keep me in check:


and this too:



Anyway, I’ve got up to 41 hops so far…atta boy!

So what else – I pushed on with a little work on the Chapel Street house, but failed to order the glass for the windows in time before the Christmas close-down so couldn’t do much and that’s been good for me.  Instead we had three or four beautiful sunny frosty days down here, quiet rare in fact, so a night out in the bus at Nanquidno under incredible stars, and some good coastal walking.  Then on the 30th we had a gathering around a bonfire in Alison’s field with friends and fiddle music and dahl and rice and Sarah S’s chai tea and energy balls…just the perfect celebration of the end of 2014 and the imminent 2015 for those who wouldn’t be partying tomorrow…

These have been special days; keeping busy, being focussed, sociable and relaxing.  I’m working up to the new treatment program but can’t quite believe I’m going back into it.  Focussing in on diet and suppliments again, exercise as already mentioned, and reading up on Stem Cell Transplant procedures – it’s all going to happen fast.  The allogenic SCT requires donors of course and the first line of likely match is siblings; my three brothers Simon Daniel and Benjamin all agree to be tested, and so does my cousin Matthiew before I’d even got round to thinking about it…wow.