Day 335

1 Year.

I can’t quite believe it, but it has been ONE YEAR since the word cancer was mentioned to me by the gentle doctor in Treliske.

No it hasn’t!  I’m going mad.  It will be the 17th March and there’s still a month to go!  How has my day count got so out of kilter?  Cousin Matthew will have something to say about this.  Well, I’ll check it sometime but not now… 

And where am I?

Well, I’m here and I’m doing pretty well.  A year of knowing it and several years prior, having it and not knowing it, and now thanks to my medical team and friends and family and strangers and lots of excellent energy and directed effort and love… I’m still here.

With exciting plans and an unknown future – just like everyone else on our tiny and miraculous planet.  I don’t ask for more right now – who would?

I’m just the same.  Is it a trick?  Can I be happy?  Yes.  I’m interested in what’s happened and what’s happening and in what will happen.  I’m calm, if tired, and excited and curious and still have the chance to chase dreams.  It’s all good – as good as this delicious and super nutritious bone broth soup I’m supping.

I’m busy and active, not quite so physically as before but firing on most cyclinders and there’s lots going on.

Food – Broths are on the menu big time – Diana’s careful research leads to a freezer full of organic chicken, beef and lamb bones, and my great stock pot is bubbling as I write; overnight for this first big chicken batch and the studio smells so good.  I’ll decant and freeze it tomorrow and start another batch.  The plan is to take enough to London so that I can have one of these sort of broth soups a day.  Elisabeth – I didn’t quite get it when you explained last year to me about eating like this, or why you put such faith in it, but now I know…

Broths are one of the recommendations of my cancer nutritionist Liz Butler too, and it is spot on, and what’s really good is that it should pass the neutropenic/’Clean Diet’ approach required by the hospital post Stem Cell.  I can begin to relax about it – I’m going to eat well…and be well.  And I think I’ll just be continuing it after coming home – the mainstay of my diet for a good long while and as I feel stronger I’ll add more to it – more fresh summer local produce and some of the good things we’re exploring with Alexandra and Kate in the kitchen which I hope I’ll be able to manage on my own once I’ve learned the ropes and can concentrate on it properly.  I’ll be coming back to a new way of being – finally everything will count.

Other things are well too.

House – The house sale moves on slowly but completion early March is still on as far as I can see – I’m not going to start hustling around – best to relax about it and let it take its course.  I just know it will be well.  And Billy comes over and finishes the window puttying for me making a fine job of it grinning under his hat, and Marcin will come next week and put around some paint and I think that’s it – ready.

Boat – ‘Salene’s Dragon’ is still happening of course.  Not one to let go of this one.

I was worried but there’s no need.  Mike A is taking it calmly in his stride, and I’m catching up.  It’s an interesting process; I have to say that in this case the yacht brokers have been very helpful and there is a positive and fair procedure that seller and buyer enter into which I hadn’t expected.  Slowly I learn the protocol, and we build on the good meetings and understandings Mike and I have established, and explore the potential problems I’ve seen.  But it goes further and I’ll pay for a marine surveyor to asses the boat in early March and his report and recommendations form the basis for a final negotiation about what gets done where and by whom and we come closer and closer and eventually, with the right will on both sides, we will get there.  SD will sail!  I’m sure of it.

IMG_1400 - Version 2 [Click to enlarge these photos]


She might even sail into Penzance Harbour at much the same time that I sail home myself…