Day 336


One of those rare warm winter sun days and friends and dogs to share it with. What a tonic. We walked the circuit across fields to the cliff tops and down to Gwenva beach where frothy sea surged across sinking sand and our feet thrilled in it and the dogs laughed and chased and dug deep.


A day out.

And finding other friends out on the cliffs too all smiling in the promise of Spring.

And me on the granite boulders with the surf coming close and the sound of it and sun warmth and trying out some proto Tai Chi and it feeling like wave riding.  The energy flows and I know I’ve found something.


It’s been a nuts week really; completely wired on the steroids and averaging 4 hours sleep a night and then my own energy and perhaps over excitement at the move to London for the next round kicking in and still not sleeping.  Today was a day for stopping. Breath some air.  Breath in deep.