Day 341


Funny – but that used to be my nickname – how is it that I only just remembered?  Uncle Henry gave nicknames to his children and nephews, and mine was Bubble.  Of course, of course…

Meanwhile, in the studio it’s all ‘Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.  Double, double toil and trouble.’   I’m cranking up the broth production (and consumption) and Ha! I just looked up Shakespeare’s verses – astounding!  Have a read here…

Ah yes, a hell-broth indeed, a charm for powerful trouble.  ‘Give it some!’  ‘Give it some!’  they chant today.

I’m going a bit mad.  Can you tell?

IMG_0403 - Version 2

So at last I’m resurfacing from the the depths of chemo saturation.  A big sleep last night and waking thick headed but it’s just dehydration.  A pint of hot water and lemon will sort that out.

It’s all go.  Kings College Hospital are on the case and communications are flowing.  I’m due for a Clinic meeting with Dr Marcus on the 13th March to discuss the stem cell in more detail and I guess meet the transplant team.  He’ll also answer some of the questions I’ve raised and any more that will crop up between now and then.

I’ll probably be in London from that date, and if the rounds of testing, scanning and stem cell harvesting go well I would expect to be admitted to Kings for the transplant at the very end of March.  So April I’ll be in hospital full time.  It’s good. There’s time to get organised and to enjoy doing that without stressing.

I’m happy to have the extra two weeks.  I need it to recover poise and strength after this round of chemo.  I’ll be able to eat and put on some weight. I’m down to 62kg again my low limit and as my appetite increases I intend to feed!

Dr Saz is coming back to introduce me to some yogic breathing techniques.  This is what I need.  I can put aside the poses and form for now; it’s all in the breath and it’s my lungs that hurt most.  She suggests that the ache I have is perhaps scar tissue and that makes sense.  I need to increase my lung capacity and get some control on my ordinary breathing which is so easily laboured by exertion now, or drops into a weak shallow pattern that doesn’t help anything.  I also need to pass the lung tests in a months time, but more than that I will be catching my breath as a foundation for more Yoga and some Tai Chi in the near future.  It’s all good.  I asked Saz how much practice did she do herself: between half and two hours yoga a day at the moment.  Well, I think I can put that into my life post treatment…I think I must.

What else?  I’ve engaged Sam, a friend and master vegetable grower, to come and rescue my garden, neglected all winter and succumbing to weeds.  He spent a long day clearing up and digging in 10 big bags of well rotted horse muck, rescuing various herbs and plants in the process and now it looks up together and ready.  My plan is to grow mostly fresh herbs; hardy thyme and rosemary of course but also a rolling wave of parsley and coriander and basil for the summer, and chives and mint and some tomatoes again…

Sam and Si are also going to rescue Alison’s poly tunnel, so by the start of April there will be lots of things in the ground, pushing up for Spring, and producing by the end of April when I hope to be coming home after treatment.  Food for the soul and spirit.

The extra two weeks here in Pz helps too –  and with luck the house sale will complete and the boat survey results will be with me, and the decisions that flow from both will be made, all before my shift to London. That would be very good.

I sorted out the day count this morning so everthing is in kilter now – and the true one year anniversary approaches calmly.