Day 360


I’ve completely lost track and have to read my own blog to remember what’s on…Day 360 and it feels like it, almost full circle as I approach a year of living with C.

Drifting is no bad thing.  I’ve enjoyed being chemo free for a couple of weeks.  And I am drifting somewhat, but everything seems to be drifting around me too: the Kings College Hospital appointments shift once, twice now three times and it now looks like next Monday and Wednesday for tests and clinic meetings, so I’ll travel up on Sunday and have maybe five days in the city.  It now looks like I’ll be admitted as an in-patient for the stem cell transplant procedure at the start of May, and a couple of trips Pz to London in the meantime.

Meanwhile the house sale drifts past its most remote completion date – the inexplicable delays caused by solicitors messing about.  Why does it take almost four months from agreeing a price with a keen cash buyer and the buyer’s solicitors are still asking the most basic questions about title and planning permissions? Frustration all round, but I am sure we will get there.

And the boat Selene’s Dragon drifts a bit too, as I wait for the marine survey which arrived yesterday and I have the day ahead of me to read and re-read it, absorb its advice and make lists of what needs doing, by whom and where…leading up to another negotiation with the owner.  I think it will all happen – still a good feeling about it.

I’ve also been getting to grips with the new diet and nutrition regime and enjoying it, partly because as my taste returns to normal I can enjoy eating, partly because I’m learning new tricks and finding things I like, and partly because the revamped kitchen is really working well and its fun to make food!

Millet and chia porridge with almond milk, blackberry and apple (frozen from last autumn) and toasted seeds, with pills on the side:


Green smooties – pear, kiwi, avocado, wheatgrass, linseeds and nuts and bee pollen grains on top:


Chicken bone broth production – an ongoing obsession; making it by the gallon and freezing it for use when in the hospital:


And I’m feeling well – the neuropathy causing numbness in my fingers and feet is still quite strong and fluid build up in my lower legs, but otherwise I feel pretty good and am putting weight back on.

And there’s work to do – or at least I’m calling it work; the house and boat take up time and need concentrated effort now and again, but I’m continuing to research anti-cancer diet and nutrition and am now working my way through Dr Lawrence Plaskett’s book on The Nutritional Therapy of Cancer which, after a disconcerting introduction and clumsy opening chapter, is in fact a very interesting read.  As I’ve explained, my plan if I have one is post-stem cell treatment to move towards the most active anti-cancer regime that I can manage and as fast as I can manage without jeopardising my likely fragile state, and nutrition plays a large part in this.

I’m also scouting about looking into new drug developments and finding out more about the NHS’s Early Access to Medicines scheme which was launched last year and in which the drug Nivolumab is being fast tracked – I’m referring back to my letter to Dr Marcus (see Day 337 ) and I want to be up to speed for our clinic meeting next week.

So lots on.

And yes!  Out for the first sail of the season with Richard B, Lisa and Chris in R’s wayfarer dinghy on Sunday afternoon – a quick trip across the bay to St Michael’s Mount and sunshine and smiles all the way…