Day 385 – 388


Sunday afternoon and I’m up and at it.  The sun’s shining and Penzance is bustling with Easter people.  I go to the barn and start work on preparing my sailing dinghy for launching again.  Of course I’ve done non of the things I’d stored up for winter, but no matter, ‘Marin Marie’ is in good shape generally and just needs some tidying up; cleaning down, anti-fouling and paintwork, and bit of oil and grease should do it.

Joff’s about working on the big wooden spars of this gaff rigged boat, and fettling all the heavy rigging and wooden blocks – nice work – getting ready for his trip with ‘Holly Mae’ up to Scotland this summer.

Monday I do a bit more in the morning and then take off in the bus to Nanquidno and meet up with Alison and Milli and we have a lovely lunch in the long soft cliff grass nestled between granite boulders with blue skies and sea and white seething foaming waves on the rocks.  Some Tai Chi on the rocks and sleep in the sun.

Tuesday I have most of a day at the barn working on the boat, servicing the rigging and loading up the trailer, towing her down to the harbour in the evening where Richard B joins me to help get MM into the water.  It all goes well; by the time we’ve got the mast up the rather tense scrummage around the slip has disappeared and we have it to ourselves, rowing over to my mooring at dusk and there we are – boat afloat and looking sweet.

I’m managing to get things done – my bones are aching a bit but not too bad, and the fine weather is making it impossible to stay indoors.

Wednesday I almost take MM out but the wind is a stronger than I’d like for a first sail so I knuckle down and finish re-drafting my Will to reflect the house sale and other changes.  It’s a task that’s been weighing rather heavily and I feel lighter for having got it done.  It needs to be done before the stem cell treatment  – part of wanting everything to be as straight as possible.

Late afternoon I tinker on the boat re-rigging the furling genoa and trying to remember I set it up before…it feels good to be afloat, albeit just in the harbour.

What else to report?

Food: I’ve been experimenting with making vegetable sushi with short grain brown rice, and it works! Double steam it , add a little apple cider vinegar with the mother of course, cut out the sugar and gently fold it over itself till it gets nice and sticky, spread it out over a sheet of nori seaweed, add ribbons of carrot, cucumber and avocado, some chives, roll it, cut it with a wet knife and eat! It tastes nutty and delicious…addictive.