Days 394 – 407


So a week of relative peace and quiet – getting the final things organised before returning to London and Kings College Hospital.  Lots of good things are happening:

Diana inspires and helps with my garden picking up from where Sam had got to; an excursion to the garden centre for seedlings and seeds, a final weeding and a lot of planting out so that when I return in June there will be herbs aplenty and tomatoes filling out and more.  This is a good feeling, and nice to know it’s all growing as I get better.


And there’s been lots of healthy eating of course as I begin to find my way with organising how to make food I like and in manageable and reasonably economic ways – broths and juices and smoothies and now salads coming in.

I’m almost embarrased to list the ingredients of this porridge: buckwheat and millet flakes, spoonful of stewed blackberry and apple (frozen from last autumn), fresh raspberries, soaked goji berries, cashew nut cream, toasted sunflour and pumpkin seeds and almond milk…




And then a couple of trips out in the boat, sailing out last with Billy and picnic lunch at anchor in the shelter and sunshine of Newlyn Pier… And a night in the bus with A & M at Gloose, my rightful second home…


Finally an impromptu and lovely evening with friends and food and music…partly as a send off for me but also a welcoming for Paul S. who has been so helpful with his marine surveyor’s advice and encouragement about my yacht quest and who after riding the strong easterlies from Suffolk washed up in Pz harbour in his yacht; tanned and tired, salty and happy after an exciting week of solo sailing.

Everything seems to be falling into place, but there’s an underlying tension and my dreams are vivid and disturbed.  I’ve not been writing.  I’m not sure why – its a strange time of waiting and remembering and forgetting and counting down and it’s hard to put words together.  Just getting ready I guess.