Days 414 – 415


Up and down.  A nautical phrase for when hauling in anchor and it’s just broken out of the sea bed so the vessel’s no longer attached to the ground and is free…

I’ve been up and down too – geographically and emotionally – but I’ve enjoyed these last couple of days in Penzance.

24 hours out in the bus, cliff walks and cooking, the woodburner ticking and then sleep with the rattling rain and wind, rocking me awake to a dream of desperate fear of being at sea in a sudden storm like this, the wrong side of the cliffs and boat-breaking waves…

Cooking for comfort.




And the next day a visit to Graham at the Powder Mag where he and Mat Trombone and Richard BB are working on the Zennor Pheonix and you never know they might just save us all as they develop their wood-burning steam-muscle prototype tricycle, and I get to footpump the air to turbocharge the burner on a test run (photo at the top) and here they are playing with fire:


There’s more information here:

I’ve missed you boys – never stop!