Day+3 – 5


I’m still on the slide down as expected.  Each day brings its changes and challenges.  This morning I woke with blood in my mouth from my tongue which seems to have got biten in the night.  I could do without self-inflicted complications – there’s enough with the rising chesty cough, running nose, stingingly numb mouth, stomach cramps, diarrhoea, hiccups and super-sensitive oesophagaus which is making eating painful and drinking difficult.

I’m not complaining, just listing and explaining my tiredness and sometimes rather bleak outlook.  I’m doing well still I think – this is just what’s expected from the treatment; no different to what 200 other people a year go through in these wards.  I’m doing ok – I know it’s all for the good.

Dr Marcus was in this morning on his rounds, suggesting that by the end of the week/weekend I should be at the bottom and next week the rebuild will begin.

I’ve found a solution to the drinking: hold the glass to my lips and pulling water in off the top in tiny sips, trickling it across the tongue and down the throat, trying not to swallow and keeping shallow breathing going all the time.  It takes about 200 sips to drain small glass, and a couple of minutes.  Eating is a bit the same; lots of chewing and dribbling it down.  Any normal sized swallow has me gasping, waiting for the blockage to go down.  The thought of water or food makes me hiccup!

Mike and Candy came yesterday bearing amongst other supplies organic lemons and ginger and miso soup paste and a mini kettle, so I can take control a bit.  Dr Marcus raised his eyebrows but I suggested a little transgression was a good thing.  I asked if he tried the hospital food and he confessed he had not.

Otherwise I’m  in my little world.  Napping sometimes, then reading a book or the newspaper and yachting magazine M&C brought in for me, daydreaming about sailing to Ireland with Cork less than two days away from Penzance.   Watching the occasional film, playing a little mandolin now and again and trying to do my Tai Chi still, though the early morning session has been abandoned as I started to feel very light headed and dangerously dizzy – an afternoon session seems to work better.  In fact I think that’s what I’ll do now…

I don’t think I’ll report in for a few days – the above description says it all.  Otherwise I’ll have to write about what I think and feel and I’m not so sure I’m up to that!

I’m doing ok.

Well, I was doing ok half an hour ago but I’ve just been told that my swabs show I’ve got flu and that means I’ve got to move room and ward this evening as they can’t have respiratory infections on this one.  Where has that come from?