There’s no yesterday and today just a blur and by 5am I’m definitely awake trying to get comfortable in a sitting position as a change from prone.  My mind is incapable of engaging with anything.  Breakfast comes and goes and I can’t face it, worrying properly about not eating now and dreading having liquid food pumped into me through a tube down my nose.

Food – it’s been such an issue throughout and it still is.  I’ve a cupboard full of good things to supplement the hospital food but I can’t face any of them either.

At 10am I have a junior doctor come to assess me.  I try to tell her about the problems and in doing so have a coughing fit which demostrates the issues well.  First off I’m prescribed soluble paracetamol which eases things a little and am then whisked off for a chest X-ray.  More stool samples and swabs etc. are taken throughout the morning.

The doctor also prescribes Oramorph on demand (within reason) if things persist and as they do I ask for this at midday.  Wow.  That worked.  I slept for three hours and woke up to find my mind relaxed and thoughts ranging around outside of my immediate experience.  Opiates.  That’s what I needed.  At rest they allow me to rest.  It doesn’t stop the pain of swallowing liquid or solids particularly, but I’m more relaxed about not eating now after the doctor explained that not to eat for a week is quite normal during this process.

The first round of lab test on my urine and stool have come back negative which is good – no viral activity in my gut, but we need to wait for the second set from this morning to be sure, and if I remain clear then I can be given something to ease the acute diarrhoea.

So, that’s good progress and I’m more comfortable now.  It feels like we can control what’s happened to me so far, and from this morning my blood counts are down to zero so the next change there should be signs of recovery in perhaps 3 or 4 days time.

Keep all fingers crossed xxxx xxxx x

Now it’s 7pm and my temp has umped up to 39.5 degs – felling hot but it’s not critical.  I’m given a drip of paracetamol, then another 1 ltr of water.  At the same time I get a GSF stem cell growth factor injection in my tummy in anticipation of the stem cells recolonising, though from further discussion its seems I’m not yet a zero but 0.003 and absolute zero may not occur for another few days.  There’s also more antibiotic coming and Oramorph when I need it, and an offer of a vapouriser for my lungs to help shift the gunk…

Meanwhile I’ve been drifting off the Dylan Thomas’s ‘Under Milk Wood’ read by Richard Burton.  How fabulous this is, and at the same moment I’ve have two messages from friends in Penzance passing my door down runnin down to Abbey Slip above the ‘sloe-black, slow black, crow black fishingboat bobbing sea.’

I have a copy of the LP scratched beyond easy use, but for Christmas Fi gave me CD version which I have with me.  But you can also listen to UMW in its entirety on YouTube.  You can listen to Part 1


and parts 2,3 and 4 are also there if you search here