I’m on the train to Penzance – Friday morning I caught the 7.06 and just passed Plymouth so now trundling past inlets and estuaries and heading west…enjoying (needing) the first class seat that Dad booked for me.  I’m very tired, very weak, easily cold and the bright light of day hurts my eyes.  Whacked.

Yesterday was hellish – waiting for discharge, and then waiting and still waiting and the building site outside the windows going full jack-hammer and I just slumped down – a very low moment.  But finally the doctors round got to me and I was let go at 7pm.

Coming out after 3 weeks in a single room with artificial light and filtered air, just standing on Denmark Hill was sort of staggering.  I can only imagine what a released prisoner feels… The colours of the sky and the evening sun on buildings and tress, the sounds of the street, the air and smell of the city, the speed of people on the pavement, the world in oblivious motion.  Stunned for a while – all too bright.  Then I got myself together and booked an Uber taxi which arrived in minutes and then a long south London swing across to Kew, very relaxing and a very nice driver…and then at Denise’s, having supper with D and Lucca and Nell which was lovely and then asleep by 9.30pm. Somewhat fitful with my mind racing but I did sleep and then up at 5.30am and a taxi to Paddington.

I am so pleased to be going home.  It’s been just over three weeks but wow – intense.  I’m feeling pretty whacked I have to say – very very tired and kind of bruised.  But, but…I’m out and ’tis done!  Now it’s over to me and I feel ready to apply all I’ve been learning about diet and nutrition and positive exercise and mind.  I think I’ve said it before, but now’s the time to optimise everything, so that all good energy flows and revitalises my body and keeps any remnant cancer cells at bay…and I feel ready for that; I’ve been in training for the last year and more or less know what I’m doing.

I’m not free of hospitals yet – I have an appointment at Treliske in Monday for bloods and checkups and then probably a weekly session with them until I go back to Kings College Hospital in a month’s time for a assessment clinic.  I’m due a PET/CT scan in 3 months (Day+100) so in the meantime this is me.

I’m meeting up with my sailing friend Paul who is still in Pz Wet Dock and we are going to look over Selene’s Dragon with the broker this afternoon, and hopefully a final agreement will come easily.  There are a few things on the recommended works list not done to the boat, and a few that need some clarification as to what has been done, but I’m not too concerned. In addition Mike A. has also done some other things that weren’t on the list like servicing the liferaft and fitting a new alternator – unstoppable man!  More on this tomorrow.

Getting home – what a total joy.  And Diana there to meet me at the station and drive me to Abbey Street and then do some last minute shopping for me while I cooked up a chicken broth with veg and garden herbs and an egg poached in the middle of it.  I so needed that!  Proper nourishing FOOD at last.


The garden is looking gorgeous with everything growing like crazy and both clematis flowering, the nasturiums going mad, all the herbs thriving…

And everything to clean and tidy at home – thanks to Diana and Jemma – smelling of linseed floor oil and fresh air…

I’m passing out with happiness.