My little garden is looking lovely – thank you to Diana for tending it while I was in hospital – nasturtiums and chives in flower and the clematis breaking out like never before, not to mention the proliferation of herbs.  Today as the sun came out and I practiced my 8 brocades and some Tai Chi out there feeling restored.

Almost a week after discharge from hospital I am just beginning to come round really – I’ve been quite knocked out and still feeling totally chemoed.  My weight has dropped to 59.5 kilos, my lowest yet and I feel wasted.  I am wasted.  But on the good side I am managing to eat better and have moved up to almost full rations now – it’s been hard to eat more that half helpings of anything til today.  My digestive system is settling down a bit, the nausea is abating and I’m coming off the anti-sickness pills.

I’ve still got a chesty cough – the end of the para-influenza that began during the treatment at Kings College Hospital – but I think it’s drying up.

I went to Treliske on Monday for bloods test and to have my Hickman chest line taken out (expertly done by Caz under local anaesthetic).  Train and a taxi because I just got exhausted waiting for the bus!  My blood counts are looking good, and although my neutrophil count has dropped back to 1.5/L this is now a real figure and not the artificially high figure that the GSF growth factor injections were producing.  My meeting with Dr Kruger was good – he thought I was doing fine and I’ll see him again next week.   It was nice to catch up with Caz, Siobhan and  Gaynor – old friends now!  But if was a long day and Ali and Milli very kindly came to pick me up at the end of it.

Otherwise I’ve been taking it fairly easy – not rushing about, trying to keep up the fluid and food intake and sleeping when I need to.  And of course going down the harbour and tinkering about with Selene’s Dragon.  That should probably read ‘thinkering’ as I’m not actualy doing anything yet – just looking and learning.  I’m slowly coming to understand how it all fits together.  Most of what I find makes me happy and the things that are not quite right can all be solved in time and is all part of the fun of course.  Messing about in boats.  I so happy that this has happened – it’s doing me a lot of good and helping me focus on what I can do rather than what I can’t, and filling my mind up with positive and exciting thoughts and imaginings.  I’m a lucky lad!

SAM_4600  [click image to enlarge]

There’s an interesting issue to resolve which you can see from the photo above.  She’s too low in the water at the bows, and too high at the stern – a difference of 28cm (I went out in Joff’s dinghy with a tape measure!).  If we can assume that the painted water line is correct then we need to bring the stern down 14cm.  There are a few things to play with – towards the stern the 76 gallon fuel tank is only half full, and the 150 gallon water tanks, also placed aft of centre, are both empty.  The water tanks when full would add about 680kg and filling the fuel tank another 175kg which should do something to trim her up.  The port side water tank leaks though and needs to come out – Richard B came over the other evening and we’ve figured out how to lift the galley floor to gain access and remove the tanks without major disruption.  If further trimming is needed then the anchor chain (60 meters of 10mm chain which weighs about 140kg) which currently piles up directly under the deck right forward could be run back and down about 2 1/2 ft which would also help.  Part of the problem is that a bow thruster motor and battery have been fitted under the bows and this gear weighs a lot.  The truth is I can’t wait to get started!