Day+54 – 90

End on.

I know – why no blog entries for the last five weeks?

The truth is that I’ve been cramming it all in as soon as I began to feel able and have more or less managed to forget about illness and treatment for a while.  I’ve kept up with my diet (with a little sliding here and there – bread, a jar of my marmalade and the odd glass of wine or a small beer) and my supplements program to assist with recuperation but I think what has done me most good is just getting on.

Selene’s Dragon has of course been the main focus of attention and I’ve been sailing a lot.  After a few excursions with Simon, Richard B and Tim B, or Greg and his children and I’ve been sailing a lot on my own.  There was some trepidation going alone, but it soon passed and I now feel very much at home on SD, sailing solo or with crew.

IMG_7464 - Version 2

The program of maintenance and making good continues and last week I finally got to grips with the onboard electronics and chart plotter computer, and after quite a bit of head scratching, removal of panels and tracing of cables and wires I traced the problems to a muddled installation.  I won’t go into it but now I’m seeing the data I expected and I’ve been out on the boat and calibrated the digital compass so the electronic bearing relates pretty closely to the magnetic boat compass bearing.

I’ve made some more weight distribution changes too, re-trimming the boat – I think I nearly there now having moved the 60 metres of heavy 10mm anchor chain from the chain locker in the bows to the bilge compartment under the water tanks for use in more extreme anchorage situations and am using a chain/rope warp for normal anchoring which is all working well.  I’ve shifted the 100kg of lead further aft too and the boat looks right in the water.

I’ve limited my horizons to coast between the Lizard and Lands End – it’s a beautiful stretch of coast and with the right winds and tides offers some exceptionally lovely anchorages.  There are very few other yachts using these as most boats pass through Mounts Bay on thier way somewhere else.  Remoteness on one’s doorstep…


On Monday the 10th I had my 3 months PET/CT scan – uneventful in itself but very nice to see Mum and Dad on Sundate evening.  I took the train home feeling…nothing.  Just waiting now.  As I approached Penzance I realised that it was almost high tide and the torrential rain of early morning had turned into a bright breezy afternoon.  There would be an hour before the harbour tidal gate closed and I could be out there on the boat!   And that’s what I did, grabbing a bag of provisions and my mandolin and took the boat out.  I sailed towards Mousehole then across to Prussia Cove and anchored there for the night.  Later Alison joined me for mackerel supper on board, picking her up off the beach in the tender and then taking her back to shore in the early morning so she could get on with her day at the cafe.  A lovely night of stars mirrored by  phosphorescence in the black sea.

Tuesday I sailed slowly to Mullion, again the wind forecast being good.  It should swing round N/NE in the evening and I’d have full shelter.  It all worked out fine, and such a dramatic place to anchor, with an incredible sunset across the bay looking back to Penwith.


Then Wednesday morning T & N joined me at Mullion for the sail back to Penzance and we retraced my steps – Prussia Cove, Mousehole, St Michael’s Mount and back home.  Warm, some sunshine, just enough wind, caught mackerel again for supper and apart from me getting in the way of a fishing boat motoring up behind us off the island at Mousehole (I put in a tack and hadn’t looked over my shoulder – lesson learnt!) it was a delightful trip.

I tried calling Treliske hospital to see if the scan results were through but there was no news yet.  I didn’t feel like pursuing it and was happy to leave it another day.