Chemohead and the Lymphomas

Chemohead and the Lymphomas

During my 2 days at Derriford Hospital for my chest biopsy operation, I passed some of the time playing with GarageBand on my iPad.  Why has it taken some serious illness to find the time to do this?

Anyway, I’ve formed a virtual band called Chemohead and the Lymphomas.

The first recording ‘Crave’ was put together on the ward, headphones on with all the busying going in around me – it was a terrific escape…

But I have to report that I didn’t continue making music like this – just as well I hear you cry!  The chemo kind of got to me and it was hard to relax into music making.  But now out the other side, I’m picking up my mandolin again and although my fingers are clumsy I’m getting back into it…

See below for a selection of tracks:



Going Under


Chemo Me