Weights and Measures

Weights and Measures

I’m in the process of getting copies of all my Medical Records, back to 2012 to before the cancer had flared up.

At the same time I’ve decided to measure a few things myself during this treatment program.  Its been a bit haphazard in starting it but I’m recording the following:

1) Body Temperature – It should be steady unless I get an infection and/or fever.  It’s unecessary to do this really, as I think I would know whane I have a hig temperature, but anyway I’m doing it when I wake up, just before I weigh myself.  It’s part of waking up and remembering there are things I have to do to start the day.

2) Sleep – the hours I get to sleep per night.  I haven’t been sleeping well, often waking for long periods in the night.  Getting off is no problem, but staying down is tricky as my mind kicks in…

3) Body pH – I’m trying to measure my internal pH.  Just starting to do this now, using a urine test.  But I’m having trouble making sense of the results.  I’ll persevere because I’d like to know about my internal acid/alkalie balance as I’m picking up on the importance of this to the creating or denying an optimum state for cancer growth or inhibition.

4) Body Weight – I think I’ve lost 2 stone over the last year.  I now weigh about 63kg or 9 3/4 stone.  At tops before I probably wieghed 75kg or 11 3/4 stone.  Its not a massive weight loss in percentage but there wasn’t that much of me to start!

The scales I’ve got analyse the following:

5) Body Mass Index (BMI)

6) Body Fat %

7) Body Water %

8) Muscle Mass %

I’m keen not to loose any more weight, so this seems worthwhile tracking.  It would be encouraging to see it go back up! Whether the computed figures reveal anything I’m not sure, but I’m tracking them as they are there.

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